Collection: The Heist World NFT Collection by Melanie Mercado

The Heist World NFT Collection by Melanie Mercado

The Heist by MGMS is a generative NFT art project created by artist Melanie Mercado aka MGMS. The project consists of a unique collection of illustrations known as 'Identities', which offer members the opportunity to be a part of the world that MGMS has created through her vision.

These identities are an extension of herself as an individual, her experiences, rage, happiness, fantasies, her evolution as an artist and as a woman. Carrying the struggles of what women have to deal with and the power that comes with it and from it.

All the pictures are generously provided by HipsterJesusNFT with intention to share his NFT's intellectual property with the community.

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The Heist World art is so noir noir, you won't be able to resist…

Welcome to The Heist World.

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Official site of The Heist World NFT Collection

Official OpenSea The Heist World NFT Collection