TOMAHAWK Questions and Answers

TOMAHAWK Questions and Answers:

Q: How about looting and climbing with TOMAHAWK?
Fold blindly in half of a second from sniper to SMG, where the buttstock will be right up to your elbow, and it will never interrupt your looting and climbing. Unfold even faster then.

Q: How about pump action?
Easily. In air. Faster than anything. No annoying simulations, only the fastest way as it's meant to be.

Q: How about physical gunstock calibration?
Many games go well without calibration. Most of the games calibrated intuitively. After request, for some games I can easily make a calibration tutorial for YouTube and TikTok. Working well in all VR games existing on the market so far. Why? Because of its well done axis.

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Q:Why there is no sling?
Because it interrutps your actions in VR all the time. For climbing and looting, you need just half of a second to shorten TOMAHAWK to SMG.

Q: Why is it worth buying TOMAHAWK?
Maximally user friendly. Maximum comfort and safety. Maximum compactness and versatility. Maximum reliability and sturdiness. Look sick because of pure function only. Perfectly balanced weight. Not made over the broomsticks, tripods, or toy guns. Made exactly as the VR Gunstock from scratch for the perfect tracking. It is the real future of VR Gunstocks. Made exactly for VR, for the maximum effectiveness and comfort in VR.

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