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Stand for TOMAHAWK VR Gunstock 3in1

Stand for TOMAHAWK VR Gunstock 3in1

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Stand for TOMAHAWK VR Gunstock 3in1

This well made stand allows you to keep TOMAHAWK always at your sight and ready for action.

 If you have 3D printer these STL files are available for free download here



Please remember, that the temperature of storage of 3D printed items, just like any other gaming accessories must be below 140°F or 60°C.

Your virtual headset and controllers are either not allowed to keep or use at direct sun light or near heaters. Most of VR headsets and lenses are made of plastic. Please read the manual to your VR headset, and keep all accessories following this rule.

All of it is included in SKOL VR 2 year warranty and will be solved easily, mostly replacing broken parts for free, with your shipping cost.

Have an excellent VR experience, dear friend, and always be safe.

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