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TOMAHAWK OLD Quest 2/3/PRO Conversion Kit

TOMAHAWK OLD Quest 2/3/PRO Conversion Kit

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VR Headset
Trigger hand
Angle Adjuster

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TOMAHAWK before 20th of March 2024 OLD 3/PRO Conversion Kit

Compatible with TOMAHAWK produced before 20th of March 2024.

Compatible with TOMAHAWK with white top, without adjustable hands distance.

TOMAHAWK restyled upgrade you can find at link here


Quest 3/PRO Upgrade for TOMAHAWK before 20th of March 2024 consists of:

  1. Choose to ADD angle adjustment if you don't have angle adjuster shown below. OR if you already have angle adjustment shown below, then choose NOT to add it to your order.

  2. Two stretchy, wide, adjustable velcro straps. Now you can adjust straps lengths in seconds.

  3. Two high density PLA+ grip covers, made with advanced laser scanning technology to fit your Quest 3/PRO controllers perfectly. Now you can replace the controllers from stock in seconds.


- If your TOMAHAWK has angle adjuster already, then buy only grips with front 1 magnet.

- If your TOMAHAWK has no angle adjustments, then buy both magnets and angle adjuster with it.

- You will get what is on the picture, and will need to have TOMAHAWK VR Gunstock to upgrade it with these parts to Quest 3/PRO.

- You will need to use your old triangle bolt from your existing Tomahawk buttstock,  to install this new upgraded slide system.

- If you would like, you may reuse your soft grip ecoleather pads from your old existing straps with these new velcro straps like it is shown on the YouTube video with assembling of Quest Pro TOMAHAWK.

- The white wrist laces of Quest 3 could be saved and used with this upgrade freely too. The wrist straps of Quest Pro must be removed to install the stock.

Please remember, that the temperature of storage of 3D printed items, just like any other gaming accessories must be below 140°F or 60°C.

Your virtual headset and controllers are either not allowed to keep or use at direct sun light or near heaters. Most of VR headsets and lenses are made of plastic. Please read the manual to your VR headset carefully, and keep all accessories following this rule.

All of it is included in SKOL VR 2 year warranty and will be solved easily, mostly replacing broken parts for free, with your shipping cost.

Have an excellent VR experience, dear friend, and always be safe.

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