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أداة BUTCHER VR Gunstock المتعددة

أداة BUTCHER VR Gunstock المتعددة

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سماعة الواقع الافتراضي

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Dear friends, thank you for your strong support and understanding. I do my best every day to make as much items as possible, holding the highest level of quality and functionality on the market.

Adding to stock new items near that time every day:

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The time between placing order and shipping:

5-7 days on assembling and preparing for shipping. I use standard international DHL shipping from Germany with tracking. The shipping will be as mentioned in Shipping policy

I collect taxes only inside the EU. Clients outside the European Union, especially from the United Kingdom, please read Shipping policy about your VAT and processing fee on it.

Thank you, for being my friends and clients.

10 Reasons to choose BUTCHER:
1. Modular and compact. Choose your option at any time.
2. All essential user friendly adjustments. No learning curve, just clap of hands.
3. Affordable option. Ability to upgrade to fitness and melee.
4. Reliability and sturdiness is equal to factory production.
5. Looks great, but every part was made for pure function. 
Perfectly balanced weight between the front and the buttstock.
Not made from sticks, rods, toy guns. Original skeletonized design.
Made for the best tracking, not interrupting above the controllers.
Made for all VR weapons, including shotguns, bolt action.
Handmade by creator using the high grade equipment.

3D printing from Premium PLA+ is ultimately eco-friendly. PLA+ is a biodegradable material, which means it can break down naturally over time when put into soil, reducing its environmental impact. This makes it an eco-friendly option compared to other petroleum-based molded plastics, paints, tubes. Non-toxic, not smelling, carbon-neutral, biodegradable and 100% renewable. Premium PLA+ is much stronger than standard PLA and as strong as many conventional plastics. Buying from here you consume consciously and support small business.

BUTCHER Virtual Reality Gunstock Multi Tool

Affordable and beneficial option

I made BUTCHER by myself because always needed to have something modern, compact, convenient, ultra effective and super functional in my VR arsenal. Something more simple and affordable, but with ability to infinite upgrade, cross platform shift and cross gaming shift, without searching and looking for different products in different places. My aim was to make One Virtual Reality Multi Tool for Shooters, Survival and Fitness. So I put all of my skills to make it real. Hundreds of prototypes, lots of time and tons of efforts, and all of my experiences with top tier TOMAHAWK VR Gunstock, brought me here…

Really innovative things never were cheap right from the start… But after more than a year, and thankfully to our great VR community, some of these ideas are now more affordable to everyone.

Meet the BUTCHER. It is the part of your controllers, just like TOMAHAWK, never hangs on a hassling sling, there's no need to challenge to find it. It's always in your hands. It is very compact, user friendly, and modular. It will soon become your favorite controller attachment, no doubt. Incomparable quality, reliability and functionality for the price.

In shooter games, the process of reloading and returning hands is easy, fast and as natural as a hand clap with eyes closed. Learning literally from the first try. BUTCHER controllers are securely fixed and ready for throwing action. Everything in BUTCHER is made for ultra easy and super fast looting/aiming/shooting/reloading.

BUTCHER VR Gunstock Multi Tool:

Two SKOLVR grips with wide and easy adjustable velcro straps. Perfectly fit and hold tightly your controllers, while detachable in few seconds.

SKOLVR Innovative Magnetic Sliding System with angle adjustments. The same as in TOMAHAWK.

Use this setup separately if would like to experience the maximum mobility with aiming stability during close combats in John Wick style.

The best VR gunstock on the market

BUTCHER Buttstock with or without detachable cheek rest/extender. Convenient grip grooves and comfortable support. Perfectly suitable for seamless looting and shooting. Universal 10 or 11 inch (28cm) standard SMG/assault rifle buttstock with an extender that works as an excellent cheek support. The verified size of standard SMG/assault rifle buttstock allows you to see the virtual optics closer and aim better. While ending with your elbow it never interrupts looting, climbing, throwing. 

Use it without cheek rest for maximum mobility.

SKOLVR QUEST 2+3+PRO Left+Right Multi Holder Cup holds your every controller well. Swap Quest 2 to 3 to PRO freely and use your standard Meta Quest wrist straps for security. Swap right trigger hand with left trigger hand turning cup in reverse. Enjoy unique gun grip grooves for your comfort.

SKOLVR's well known worldwide quality and precision. All handmade, double checked and sent by creator only.


1. Excellent compatibility with most weapons and games.

2. Light weight and compactness allow users to perform incredible manipulations extremely fast. BUTCHER has no sling, no hassle, no disproportional stick load on your wrists. Feels like Hi-Tech brass knuckles or perfectly balanced gun.

3. No tracking issues just like with naked controllers, because there is nothing above the IR diodes that might interrupt tracking at any of possible angles.

4. Detachable design as easy and natural as a hand clap with eyes closed. Getting used to it from the first try literally.

SKOLVR Innovative Magnetic Sliding System allows you to EFFORTLESSLY SLIDE DOWN while disconnecting, as if there are no clunky magnets at all, without tearing magnets off. While at the same time these huge, long, extra strong German quality magnets capture your hands while aiming and moving super easy and sturdy. The one and only angled magnetic locking system. Trying it once, you will feel the huge difference. No need to explain, it's the most recent, user friendly and effective hands connection system you could find on the market now. Right from the first hands of SKOLVR, the inventor and creator.

5. BUTCHER buttstock with extender/cheek rest. One versatile SMG/assault rifle tactical/military standard. Simple and effective as it is. 11 inches (28cm), exactly the verified distance from which the aiming is very comfortable through virtual reality sights. Use it without extender when needed the maximum mobility. Add cheek rest/extender with special grips for ultimate comfort of your sight aiming. If needed, add to it SKOLVR Magnetic Sliding System, to balance weight on your wrists, just like with High-Tech brass knuckles.

6. PLA+ is equal by density to molded plastic, and combined with pro grade 3D printing is lighter because of smart internal structure. Only the highest grade 3D printing materials. No cheap, small, round magnets. No cheap carbon or aluminum tubes. BUTCHER is made sturdy, with large margins of strength.

7. Warranty for 2 years, because of the point #6 upper. It happens very rare, but let me know what issue do you have, and I will help to solve that.

8. 24/7 support of all customers.

9. Grips with straps can be used without Gunstock and protect controllers from falling while playing any game with maximum comfort and security.

10. New additional accessories that will upgrade your VR experience in a huge variety of survival and fitness activities. The only limit is your imagination here.

While using the BUTCHER grips you are free to play any VR game including boxing, basketball, baseball, beatsaber etc. with comfort and safety.

NEW BUTCHER based add-ons for melee combat and sports are available here.

With BUTCHER variety of add-ons you won't need to buy a separate product for every new VR activity. Like with BUTCHER Gunstock you will be able to upgrade at any convenient time.

Butcher VR Multi Tool. Best affordable Virtual Reality Gunstock out there

With BUTCHER VR Multi Tool, your experience will be spread to new types of VR activities that you will enjoy like never before. Affordable, for high quality handmade product.

11. Adaptation to new types of VR headsets is working. You can now upgrade BUTCHER from Quest 2 to 3 or Pro without buying new stock. Other headsets are in work now.


Limited Edition Purple Frame BUTCHER has an exclusive deep rich purple color frame, and no other difference from standard Black and White BUTCHER. Its premium Lamborghini style is perfect for streamers, content creators or people who want to have something really exclusive and eye-catchy.

This is a  custom 3D printed and hand made product and there may be imperfections on the surface, which doesn't affect the main use.

This product is constantly being improved and every single part may differ from what is shown in the description.

For better performance some games will require you to change the settings.

Please remember, that the temperature of storage of 3D printed items, just like any other gaming accessories must be below 140°F or 60°C.

Your virtual headset and controllers are either not allowed to keep or use in direct sunlight or near heaters. Most of VR headsets and lenses are made of plastic. Please read the manual to your VR headset, and keep all VR accessories following this rule.

All of it is included in SKOLVR 2 year warranty and will be solved easily, mostly replacing broken parts for free, with your shipping cost.

Before writing a review, please ask me about any possible issue, even if you think it's ok to go. I've tested this stock in many games and definitely can help you with that, so please, feel free to inform me firstly.

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Have an excellent VR experience, dear friend, and always be safe.

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