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BUTCHER Cheekrest/Extender

BUTCHER Cheekrest/Extender

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BUTCHER Cheekrest/Extender

Add this uprade to BUTCHER Buttstock with Cup without Cheekrest/Extender

1. 4 positions of easy adjustments

2. Adds 1 extra inch to your BUTCHER buttstock

3. Looks solid and works just perfect

4. Special comfortable grip grooves



This cheekrest extender is made lightweight while being reliable and sturdy, and when you add it to your buttstock which is combined with SKOLVR Magnetic Sliding System (MSS) it will be perfectly balanced in weight. That is the way it was designed for, and that is way it's meant to be used initially. Feeling with SKOLVR MSS together as the perfectly balanced high-tech innovative futuristic weapon.


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